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Oct. 16

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‘No Problem’ Thats was a tagline of bike that marketed itself as a ‘no problem bike’. It simply focuses to aid customers in getting things done. In this busy life of ours, all we need is a magic wand that can take aways all our worries, be it of home or office. On demand services platform could be panacea to heal all our worries.

Today, right from food to cabs and gadgets to groceries, we can get everything on our fingertips. Few taps on the smartphone and the mobile app just like a ginnie follows your command. Now, when our smartphones can do so much, can’t I outsource my least-liked task of the week, the laundry to somewhere?

Definitely, there are places where such mobile apps are operational and providing laundry services. Now you simply need to fill your bag with clothes to be washed, leave it at the door, and forget it! The rest will be taken care by the launderers-from picking them up, to washing, to dry cleaning, to ironing, to delivering it back to your door crisp!

So, what entails an on-demand laundry service?

First of all, a decent mobile app with most simplified user interface that can be understood by anyone. This is the most basic need for any service based application. Next thing that comes is taking orders.

Accepting orders from customers should be the easiest part on the app because that’s where most of the users get pissed off. There are more than 65% of users who drop the idea of booking online right before they order. Therefore, it is very important to get this process streamlined.

As a laundry operator you are liable to take orders and meet deadline. Your delivery  boy is also expected to collect all your dirty, wrinkled clothes from customer’s doorstep. As a service provider you would also want to balance schedule for your customers and the delivery boy. It is important for the launderer to pick and deliver the baggage at the due time failing which they may lose a customer.

Offers to Benefit Customers

Any business draws customer by way of providing quality services and excellent customer engagement.You can avail on demand laundry services to wash, dry clean iron your clothes from the convenience of your home. You could even get your delicates to hang dry and bleach the stained clothes before wash.

Customer loyalty is prized possesion of most service industries. Offering discounted deal woos the customer to continue availing services from the same launderer. Likewise seasonal rate cuts and discounts allure first time customers to outsource laundry work.


There are several on demand laundry applications already circulating in the App store market. Mobile applications like Laundrapp and Washio are few among them. Amount of convenience that most on demand service applications offer to aid their customers may be inexplicable.

Most on demand apps lets you avail services at your fingertips through messages and voice calls. In the near future on demand services will revolutionize the way most business concur. To keep up with the fast paced world, it is high time you explore mobile apps that lets you book and avail services online.

Our LetsNurture team have whole bunch of designers and programmers who are well equipped to develop and customize applications to cater your needs. Our mobile app journey so far has been consistently in line with client’s expectations. You can be our prized customer. If you have similar requirement to On-demand service platform do drop an email to enquiry@


Ketan Raval
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