Business of On-demand Food Services in the Era of Internet


Sep. 16

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Delivering the food packages to home or office is nothing new to the marketing strategies of restaurants or cafes. It gives these food stores an opportunity to cater a completely non-traditional but modern customer base. These customers don’t want special waiter service or classic ambience but just relish the taste in their own zones.  This has given rise to on-demand food services.

Need of On-demand Food Services

Now, with soaring usage of internet,  there is a great demand of mobile and web application. Even on-demand food services got a major push with mobile apps. It has given the food caterers a great advantage of dealing with the customers in an easy way.

On-demand food services are getting a great response from the customers. Especially the youth loves to order food online with few taps on their smartphone. Let’s check what makes it so popular:

Decision Convenience – Making it quick and easy to choose. For eg., you can view ratings and reviews of restaurants, and decide where to order from accordingly.

Access Convenience – Making it fast and easy to order. For eg., the order is delivered to you at your location within few minutes. This makes it easy to eat well – wherever and whenever you are hungry.

Transaction Convenience – Different payment methods available and easy to pay. For eg. mobile apps let you pay with debit and credit cards, CoD or wallets like Apple Pay.

Post-Benefit Convenience – Easy to re-order and resolve issues regarding bad taste, cold food, etc. For eg., you can save your address and payment details, bookmark your favourites to re-order in seconds.

Business Advantages of Owning such Platform

Multi-vendor registration – Food app allows you to add multiple vendors who can use the platform accordingly. More vendors mean more products which will eventually make service app more popular among masses due to the variety of food options for them.

Easy Order – Now when you have so many options of food items from different vendors, a customer can order anything. Efficient delivery tracking  allows your business to reach wider customer base anywhere in the city.

Real-time order tracking – An on-demand platform app makes it easy for both customers and sellers to track the order in real-time. Ensuring you to know the ETA of savouring dishes especially at the time when you have guests at your place.

Online payment – Getting the money from the clients or customers is a big headache. To solve it, we have technology in place. The online payment solution providers are the ones who partners with banks and wallet providers for a secured and verified transaction.

Feedback/Rating – A true service provider is the one who knows what customer wants and where to provide ease to the customer. Therefore feedback helps you take your business in the right direction, eliminating all the unnecessary things.

Discount offers – In order to attract more customers discounts and offers are a great deal. While offering so many cuisines from various vendors it is easy for the platform provider to pass on profits in way of discounts.

Getting your Mobile App Developed

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