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Apr. 13

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As an e-tailer you have the unique advantage of having put yourself on a platform on which anybody and everybody can see you. The thing is there are so many others who are doing the same. That is why despite having such great visibility you can starve for attention. But with

the right links in the right places you can get not just high traffic, but in fact you can get targeted traffic of converted leads for specific products or services.That is the essence of affiliate marketing. But why are we talking about all this on Maniacal Magento Mondays? Because today we are going to review a solution that can allow you to manage affiliate programs on your eCommerce store: a.k.a. Post Affiliate Pro Connector.

Now as the name suggests the plugin we are talking about today is a meansto integrate Post Affiliate Pro onto any Magento Store. Basically Post Affiliate Pro(PAP) is a great suite of affiliate software and allows for managing campaigns and tracking affiliate sales. The software is very affordable and you can easily purchase a license to fit your budget and usage. There is also a free trial. The software can be also used outside via its PHP and Javascript api.

post affiliate pro

But with Post Affiliate Pro Connector is a great option because you can get all your stuff directly on your Magento Dashboard. There is a host of features you can access to the plugin.

Its most salient features include:

  • Hassle free integration with PAP
  • Does not interfere with Magento updates
  • Works with a Google Checkout and PayPal
  • Tracks Affiliate transactions
  • Handles refer to any page
  • Support for discounts on large volumes
  • Also tracking referrals resulting in phone and mail order.
  • Support for multiple store fronts with custom channel IDs and data fields

It is a great way to setup affiliate program for your Magento eCommerce stores, allowing you to drive more quality traffic to your products and services.


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