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Rich Media Mobile Adverts: The Ones That Will Work


Mar. 13

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In a survey of 60 Mobile Ad campaigns, all of them had different Ad placements and each was tested across the most popular mobile app platforms: iOS and Android on both tablets and smartphones. The results were interesting.

Successful Mobile Ads

Of the successful ads 12% banner ads, 21% interstitial ads and 67% were expandable ads. Of the users who clicked 71% were smartphone users and 29 % users were tablet users. Of these also 45% were Android users and iOS was 55%. Meaning that the most successful way to advertise on the Mobile platform, the most profitable way to advertise is through expandable ads. On the topic as to which platform will get you the most revenue iOS and Android are always head to head as always. There can a campaign for your mobile application marketing too. Those who have utilized this campaign have proven record of success.

Successful Mobile Ads
Successful Mobile Ads

Successful Ad Features

Another thing worth noticing is the ad features. We will take example for the automotive industry. Direct response yields 100% result while video features yielded 82% result. These are the features that are most widely used almost across all industry verticals. It is worth noting that video engagement rates and click through rates are dependent on the verticals. For example CTR for the retail industry will be high because they allow users to complete the purchase funnel but for finance video engagements are higher as people tend to make more educated decisions and hence need to see featured finance ads. Video and direct response has proven to be most effective for mobile ads and mobile app marketing.


Social Media Features

If we are discussing ads there is no way we are going to leave out social media features. Users love to engage their favorite brands on social media and like to share branded content. From the

Social Media Features
Social Media Features

total engagement 8.7% were through Facebook shares, 12.6% through twitter and 20.3% through Instagram.

Design the right experience for the right audience is key to any sort of marketing strategy. Mobile campaigns crafted with love will be loved by user.

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