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Nov. 16

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A decade ago we lived in the computing world where there were desktops and installable services plus application softwares. Every IT starup and small business used application software to addresses their specific needs. This led businesses to cope up with several challenges associated with installation of apps/services on  desktop systems.

For Every Unique Need – Requires Specific Software

So for every single need, a unique software was required to be installed on your hard disk. Which means if you are keen to store and upkeep data or make presentation, you will have MS-Office installed. If you a graphic designer, you will have Photoshop or Paint installed. To keep your PC secured you get firewalls and antivirus installed…

Requires More Storage, More Finances

Now consider the amount of storage all these application software consume. Also spare a thought on the amount that you would spend to purchase these specific software programs. And if you are using some of the application for a specific project that lasts only for few months, then you are spending too large a sum owning the application software.

Inability to Cope up with Technological Upgradation

Now imagine a scenario where you know that the project will last for longer time frame. And you feel that it makes more sense owning an application software. In the midway due to some ill luck the application provider has come with better and upgraded version of the software that would support multiple systems/browsers.

Hence the project artifacts that you had created with your previously installed software may work only on PC with specific platform. Whereas those who have the latest version are at advantage, since its project artifacts support multiple platforms.

SaaS – A Remote Subscription Based Rental Applications & Services

For all the above concerns faced by the desktop application, SaaS could well be the answer. In early 90’s the expansion of Internet led to introduction of centralized computing called Application Service Providers or ASP. With the goal to reduce cost through central administration it catered to multiple users.

SaaS was built on the concept of distributed computing and provided application and services on the web to cater to needs of multiple businesses. Often software applications are hosted remotely by a service provider and made available to customers over a network. Thus the user rents the application service as and when needed instead of purchasing the software. Often SaaS are charged on the basis of number of users using software, number of process consumed or on a fixed monthly or annual subscription.

Applications & Services to Cater Needs of Small Business

Subscription based SaaS applications are thin processes that could be accessed via web browser. As the software and the services are not distributed physically over the network, they are deployed almost instantaneously at the client side.

Some of the most common among SaaS are often most frequently used enterprise applications and services. It includes office and messaging software, payroll processing, DBMS, CAD, accounting, collaboration platforms, CRM, MIS, ERP, antivirus software and service desk management. Mostly SaaS are categorized either into horizontal or a vertical SaaS.

While the vertical SaaS answers the needs of a specific business, horizontal SaaS focuses on specific function that are used across multiple business. Which means an agriculture or a healthcare service caters to need of the specific business, whereas an HR or a payroll service caters to need of several similar business.

SaaS – A form of Cloud Computing

SaaS like its other counterparts IaaS, PaaS, DaaS, MBaaS forms an integral part of cloud computing. Ever since the application programs are upgraded and maintained on a remote server all the availing clients get access to the same version of the program. The service provider takes care of hosting and updating services for the availing clients.

Many SaaS applications offer features that let its users collaborate and share information. Users can comment on tasks, plan and share documents within and outside organization. Several other SaaS applications let users to vote and offer new feature ideas.

Advantages of SaaS

  • Substitutes your huge cost of software installation with minimal subscription rental
  • SaaS apps are fast to load and can be accessible world over on the web browser
  • Many applications are hosted externally by a vendor, providing flexibility for the users to change plans as and when needed
  • As the SaaS services are upgraded by the vendor on a frequent basis, all the availing clients gets access to upgraded services
  • Software updates, upgrades, security and backup are all managed by the service provider
  • Provides app customization and integration with other SaaS applications and services

What’s Next?

SaaS market continues to grow at rapid rates. Gartner estimated that SaaS market is expected to reach a whopping $26.1 billion in 2016, a two fold increase from $12.5 billion in 2011. For small business SaaS along with cloud based offerings could be instrumental in lending optimum service and peace of mind.

At LetsNurture we offer SaaS to cater to specific needs of our clients. Our latest SaaS offering is Portalic a platform that services multiple clients and on demand service sharing and servicemen referral app Do you know.  To know more send in your queries to our email [email protected]


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