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iBeacon(s): How Small Shop owners or supermarket can leverage on It


Aug. 14

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Hello friends, let us start this ibeacon blog with an example. If you are having iBeacon App Development and you tick Beacon device with any of your important belongings (Bag), you can get a notification when your bag goes out of the range specified in the app, also you can get the notification when it comes within range of your app. Hey, isn’t it awesome? With the use of Bluetooth protocol, there are also many proximity based solutions possible. You can also read our blog posts on iBeacon App development.

iBeacon/ BLE App Development for Retailers

If you are looking at BLE or the Beacon app development technology as a whole and believe that it is for the enterprise businesses, you are losing out some serious opportunities. Customer interaction is the most important aspect for retail business. In fact, you are all over the social media marketing services for the sake of interacting with your customers. So, why are you missing out those customers in your vicinity?

iBeacons & Customer Experience

According to one of the leading end to end proximity marketer – iProximity, 84% of the smart phone shoppers use their devices to help themselves shop while in the store. Another fact that your customer extensively uses the smart phone for shopping is rising. So, you must look forward to interactive marketing tools instead static banners posting same old offer year long – that involves Smart Phones.

Benefits of Beacon App Development for Small Retailers

  • Through installation of single Beacon with even one promotional offer drives the in-store traffic
  • Showcase your current offers and the best-selling products to your customers directly into their Smartphones
  • Initiate social media interaction or invite them to subscribe to your newsletter and the loyalty programs
  • Now if you install a Beacon at a strategically important / featured product(s) of yours, you will ultimately be able to focus your information sharing for that product seamlessly
  • You can actually determine the time spent by the customer viewing a particular product(s); that eventually will enable you to identify the products to offer discounts or integrate offers
  • Enable your customers who shop directly through their Smart Phones to access your retails store from their mobile and buy products when they are in your neighborhood
  • Detailed analytics on store traffic, bounce rate, products exposure, strategic planning for products display and much more (Offline store can be operated in sync with online webpage and analytics for offline store can be viewed)
  • Simply guide the customer to locate a given product in the store

How to get started with BLE?

All you need to have complete features for Beacon enabled store is by having either a functional website or a custom mobile application with the help of beacon app development technology. For small business, it is recommended to have mobile ready website with or without the e-commerce features. So you can allow your customers to view the products without even entering the store. And using the web store, integrated to provide micro location based services and proximity sense to complete the sales cycle while the customer is in the range of your Beacon.

Is it Available for Android & iOS ? LetsNurture is the Answer

Yes, beacon can be used for both platform and any other platform which can work on BLE protocol. Through BLE App development, LetsNurture has its own beacon device. As mobile application development is our forte, we hold the expertise in beacon app development and have developed many applications on both android and iOS platforms. We also have developed multiple POC with BLE Device. Our Proof Of Concept also includes heart rate measurement, Retail Experience, Temperature & Humidity sensors.

Has anyone implemented iBeacon so far?

Waitrose:Waitrose has begun trialling iBeacons in their new concept store in Swindon.

McDonald:McDonalds has equipped 30 of its restaurants in Germany with iBeacons.

The Swan Centre is the UK’s first shopping centre to embrace iBeacons technology. By integrating iBeacons technology into their existing rewards app, shoppers can now receive localised based content and discounts from retailers, including WHSmiths and Nandos, without the need for opening up the app or browser, or even have access to WIFI or GPS.

Ask us to Know More

At LetsNurture, we build online stores and mobile friendly website design for small businesses. We offer customized business solutions using BLE devices to effectively manage your budgets and ensuring you acquire quick ROI. To know more about Beacon technology and how to manage your enhanced marketing using them, send us an email today to [email protected]. You can also call us on +91 9374444800 to get in touch with one of our business development executives.

We will be happy to help you!


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