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Jun. 16

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Video is ought to become the biggest content generator of our times. The people are watching a lot of videos online these days which has also increased the demand of good content. There are many emerging online video platforms like Voot, Ozee, etc apart from the popular online video platforms like YouTube, NetFlix, etc.

YouTube staying ahead

YouTube has been the king of all online video platforms with most number of viewers, video creators and subscribers. It has navigation in 76 different languages which makes it cater maximum audience around the world. People all around the world upload 300 hours of video content daily on the YouTube.

Simply Offline in 2014

For the markets with low internet speeds and other network issues, YouTube had came up with its offline mode in 2014. This has been very successful project for YouTube as it helped many of its users to watch buffer free videos at their convenience.

All they needed to do was open the video they like to watch and tap on the “Add Offline” button. This would save  the videos on their device and people would be able to watch that video for even when there is no internet connectivity.

Smart Offline for low internet speeds

Moving ahead with this as most people constantly use mobile in the day and getting video offline consumes large amount of data, so YouTube came up with a solution. The new feature is called Smart Offline.

Smart Offline comes with the collaboration of the local mobile service provider as it seeks to use the most underutilised mobile internet time to attain maximum and speedy downloads. At, night when you are asleep, the YouTube app will start saving the video on your device that you had added into Offline mode by taping on Save Overnight button during the day.

This Smart Offline feature will be very beneficial for those who love watching videos but have use 2G/3G for viewing. Saving videos on device is a great way to enjoy the buffer free video keeping aside all those breaks and halts. While you sleep whole night your mobile works overnight to save all your favorite videos from YouTube.

Capatialise on Social Media

Social Media overall has been a great capitalizer for the advertisers around the world. It has created a great demand of influencers who can publicize the content and Online video is a big part of online content creation. With this mode YouTube has taken the race for Social Marketing to a next level.

Online Videos not only help you commercialise your content but also ensures you have wider reach for your product. A good video content is liked by people across the globe irrespective of language or cultural barrier.

Target your Specific Market

Even if you have a specific market for your product, then also video gives you higher credibility that text content like blogs, classifieds and articles. With better internet connectivity, people’s love for watching good video is surging and so is the need for better targeted videos is increasing.


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