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Apr. 17

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“Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success.”

With this motive, Team LetsNurture ensures that best business practices are inculcated in the organization to foster the teamwork. And to enhance the team building, the employees of LetsNurture attended an interactive session at Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA). AMA is a reputed organization that has proved to be an active base to empower leadership through various discussion meetings, management development programmes, industry visits, publication etc.

The motive of the workshop

The motive of the session was “EMPOWERING TEAM BUILDING”. The interactive workshop was conducted by Mr. Suresh Pandit, experienced management consultant and trainer. It focused on empowering team building. The key points of these session were as below:

  • Team building brings the individuals to collaborate for their ask, making it easier for them to enjoy their job.
  • Team Building improves the relations and strengthen the bond among the employees.
  • Teamwork reduce the chances of uncertainty and misunderstandings to make the communication more effective.


Working as a collaborative team member is not a skill that everyone is born with. However, it is a skill that can be learned, which is why it is imperative that the organization spend the money investing in the employee’s teamwork skills.

Team building in the workplace significantly contributes towards employee motivation and building trust among the employees, hence, ensuring better productivity. Organisations are much more likely to perform well when their people work effectively as a team. Self managed, empowered teams produce up to three times more output than conventional hierarchical set ups.

Key topics covered in the interactive session


  • What constitutes a team?
  • Examples of teams at work
  • Why we need team working?
  • How Teams are Formed?
  • Stages of maturation – Storming, Norming and Performing
  • What to expect when teams are formed and as they mature?
  • What needs to be done to make teams effective?
  • How do we get best results in an organizational context.
  • How do we build network of teams?


The participants from vivid industries were free for an open discussion. Many small team building activities were carried out to understand the importance of a team building.

Key points to learn from the session


  • Take ownership.
  • Be self sufficient.
  • Trust your team member.
  • Be fearless & learn from your mistakes.

LetsNurture consistently nurture our employees by encouraging them to participate in technical, managerial and soft skills improvement sessions. We treat our employees as an important asset of the organization.

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