Top 5 of the Best Prank Apps


Nov. 18

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Top 5 of the Best Prank Apps

The good old days had us using whoopee cushions, throwing our friends in pools, and making hilarious prank phone calls on our neighbors. Unfortunately, some of the old-school pranks are obsolete now due to technological advancements, like unplugging the home phone on your parents or making up facts for your gullible friends. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun, as our mobile phones have opened up new ways to prank your friends and family by pulling the wool over their eyes.


  1. Replace Smartphone Text.

    Although this isn’t technically an app that you download from the app store, it is an app already loaded onto everyone’s phone. Head on into the settings app on your friend’s or family member’s phone and find the text replacement option, which is usually under settings, general, keyboard. You will need to be creative but you can end up with some amazing and hilarious conversations by changing their most commonly used words with funny substitutes.

  2. Make Prank Calls.

    Making prank phone calls can be difficult nowadays with caller ID but you can get around this by using the Prank Dial app. It has 150+ scenarios to choose from, allows you to select whom to call, and then the app does the rest. It does take away a little bit of the fun since you aren’t making the prank up on the fly, but it does get the trick done.

  3. Miss the Days of Fart Pranks?

    Everyone remembers the old fart pranks and quite frankly, they never really get old. Download iFart from the app store and allow the farts to fly. The app has a “sneak attack” fart timer option, which allows you to schedule the fart, hide the phone, and get away to watch from a safe distance.

  4. Have a Television Lover? TV Remote Apps.

    If you are into the slow, subtle pranks that drive people insane, then head on over to the app store and grab an app that allows you to use your phone as a television remote. Choose the right one for the system you are going to be using, and watch as it allows you to control the channels and the volume from afar. The great thing about this is that people really don’t have any way of knowing how the channels are changing or why the volume is increasing on its own, and so you can have a ton of fun with it.

  5. Create a Car Prank with a Simple Photoshop App.

    By now we all know that photoshop can make anything look real, but what about tricking your friend into thinking their vehicle has a new dent or scratch in it? The Dude, Your Car app allows you to take a picture of your friend’s vehicle, add in some kind of fake damage, and then send them the photo as if it were real. You’re going to end up with a real panic-stricken individual, which makes for a good laugh, if they don’t mind being pranked.

Despite the fact that technology has made a lot of old-school pranks infeasible, your phone can save the day. Just check out any of the apps above and watch as you get all kinds of reactions, from shock to laughs to panic-stricken fear.


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