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Hed Kandi, Decadance

Hed Kandi 41

Mark Doyle
Mark Doyle
1 Album 10 Tracks

Week41 Hour 1


Californian Soil-London Grammar-Ministry

Rose rouge (Atjazz Galaxy Aart Remix)-St Germain, Atjazz-Promo

Peaceful Thoughts (Modaji Remix)-Casa Devi-Four Four Soul

Another Way (Original Mix)-Ronnie Herel feat. Dannis Winston-Quantize

Danger (Extended Mix)-B Sights ft. Thomas Sykes-Promo

Lover 4 Now ft. Todd Edwards (Original Mix)-Groove Armada-BMG

Ba:sen (Pool Party Dub Mix)-In Deep We Trust-FFRR

Jezebel-Moodena-Tropical Disco

Disco Biscuit-Sartorial-Tropical Disco

You and Me Tonight – Markosa Remake-MARKOSA-Promo Not For Radio

Underground (Extended Mix)-Fred Falke & Zen Freeman-Promo

Jerkin’ (Extended Mix)-David Penn & KPD-Armada Deep



Week41 Hour 2

The Hedkandi 4


Disco Beat-Ladies On Mars-FeverBall

Nothing But The Music-Platinum City-Midnight Riot

Lady (You Bring Me Up) (Extended)-Rubber People -Hot Sunday

Marvins Touch (Original Mix)-T.Markakis-Little Jack


Quite Alright (Paul Adam Remix)-Wheeler del Torro ft Sidney Washington-Dog Day

Complicated (Richard Earnshaw Revision)-Lee Wilson, El Funkador, Richard Earnshaw-Promo

Living Crazy Is The Only Way-Ladies On Mars-Nu Disco

Be With You (Extended)-Audax feat Shawnee Taylor-Audax

I Got You – Extended Mix-Disciples-Ministry

Reclaim Me ft. NIMMO (Maya Jane Coles Remix)-Wax Wings-Promo

Baby It’s You (K├Âlsch Version)-London Grammar-Ministry

Blind Faith (Smoove Remix)-Izo FitzRoy-Jalapeno