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House Of Bamboo

House Of Bamboo | 22.11.20

House Of Bamboo
Tappers & Steffi Le Wode
1 Album 10 Tracks

House of Bamboo Radio Show
Artist: Tappers and Steffi Le Wode
Deeper at Night Episode 3.
22/11/20 Tracklist

Name Artist

1. Problèmes d’amour (Underground) Alexander Robotnick
2. Tarpaulin (Original Mix) Frak
3. Burning Down (TGV Remix) Tiga
4. Doctor Zouk (Original Mix) Jamie Jones, David Berrie
5. Agfachrome RSX II Skatebård
6. Allenby Audio Junkies
7. Praerie Doctor Dru
8. Scream (Original Mix) Cowboy Rhythmbox
9. Benzine Electronics Pépe
10. I Know There’s Something Going On (Lindstrøm Remix) Frida
11. One Mo’ Time (Extended Yacht Rocker) Loves Last Episode
12. Camera Dans La Nuit Rudy’s Midnight Machine

Please be aware that some of our late night programming and the night-time mix shows within The Globals and Deeper-at-Night slots may have some explicit language from time to time. These shows are broadcast between 00:00am and 05:00am weekdays and 00:00am and 06:00am weekends.
When listening to these shows some explicit language may be used.