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Aug. 14

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One of not so shocking studies from GlobalWebIndex concluded that only handful countries (such as – UK, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, Poland and France) have traditional marketing channels leading (marginally) over digital marketing trends.


On an average a global internet user spends over 6 hours on online media on daily basis in 2014, compared to 5 and a half hours in 2012. Developing economies such as Thailand, Malaysia and Brazil are one of the most digitally inclined across the world having average internet user hours of 8+ on daily basis. That means when the user wants to buy something, they do not knock the door of the shop next door but they search on internet more often than not.

More findings of this report are:

  • Traditional TV isn’t a forgotten entity yet but it is losing the average daily time and reduced to 2.58 hours / day with the market share of 23% of total time spent on media
  • On the contrary the online TV is gaining audience peaking at 0.7 hours / day having 6% market share
  • Must be regarded as Merchandisers’ nightmare – the US and Chinese economies. USA still holds the highest television viewership in terms of average daily hours spent by a user of 4.33 hours. Whereas the Chinese television viewership is at the lowest with 2.20 hours spent per day. But they also happen to be the second largest consumer of online TV with 1.03 hours
  • One of the most digitized form of media is ‘Printed Media’ and majority of the internet users across the countries are largely using the online versions than the physically printed press
  • Time spent on media using the mobile device alone moved ahead from 22% in 2012 to 30% in 2014. The national figures for mobile’s share in the fast-growth markets have exceeded 40% led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Thailand and the UAE
  • The age group of 16-24 is the biggest consumer of online media using the mobile platform has risen to 2.77 hours / day from 1.88 hours / day in 2012
  • With no exceptions to the countries surveyed – Social Media is the most dominant activity. And taking social media and micro-blogging together comprising of 2.5 hours / day – stipulates to more than 40% of the online activities by the users


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