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Dec. 12

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twitter-birdI am an avid fan of twitter and I loved to go with twitter every day. Here is news for twitter lover. If you want to go back and dig deep in your tweets you can now easily be able to do. After Launch of Timeline in Facebook, twitter users were also wanted this kind of feature.  Tweet Archive will help users to do retrospection online behavior.  At this moment twitter is rolling out it with only few users  ( I felt lucky when I checked that  Archive option was available on my twitter account)

 Here are step by step guideline how to view your old tweets with twitter achieve

Step-1:  Login in to your twitter account and see if you have “Request for Archive” option . For that go to Account Settings. And if it is enabled yes click on request for Archive.  (it is password protected feature

twitter acccount settingsrequest-Artchieve

Step-2: you will receive an email that your tweet archive is ready and you can download it ( it took 1 minute for me)


Step-3: After that you need to click on link you have received on email. And you will be able to download “Tweet Archive”. Tweet achieve is your tweet backup all tweets are there ( your all sentiments are now in this zip file )


Step-4 Unzip that and Extract files. Click on index.html and you will be able to see things you never seen before on twitter J your twitter timeline



Step-5 if you check picture you can see easily that tweets are achieved in a very mannered way and it will give you a great pleasure to go back and read these tweets with smooth html file.


By Twitter Archive you can backup your tweets without using third-party tools. Tweet Analysis is playing a big role in marketing segment. If you want to do Tweet Analysis of you last month or Last week you can easily do it by Tweet Analysis App . This App is developed by our Android App Development Team.


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