Twitter Plugin for WordPress Can Generate Twitter Cards, Enable Twitter Analytics and Much More!


Feb. 15

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Twitter has launched its WordPress Plugin with plethora of options yesterday. The plugin will users a bunch of Twitter functionalities in the WordPress website. It can be very useful for on page optimization as it can show you the best of Twitter analytics within the website itself. You need not install any other extension to track your Twitter analytics. Besides that, the plugin is also capable of generating Twitter Cards for your website pages which can highlight the content when you share it on Twitter. But there is one thing that you need on your website. Here it is:

Requires PHP 5.4 or Later

If you want to use Twitter Plugin for WordPress, it is must that the website should be developed on PHP 5.4 or later versions. And if your website is not build on the latest PHP version, you have to upgrade it to use Twitter Plugin. WordPress development services provided by the best firms can give you unique solutions for it.

One interesting feature of Twitter Plugin is that it can also track the actions of the visitors’ for ad conversions. You can get more details of the options that Twitter WordPress plugin provides on the official website of WordPress.

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