Use of Beacon Applications in Ad-Promotion And Digital Marketing


Sep. 16

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Beacon are tiny devices that emit BLE signals to communicate information and transfer data to smart devices within its proximity. In large departmental stores and shopping malls, beacons are placed in strategic locations to send out promotional messages to customers.

Influencing Digital Marketing

Often despite some of the TV advertisement campaign does influence customers, they are often forgotten and prevents customer conversion. It’s therefore, imperative for the marketers to cash in on technology technique which reminds customers to buy products for which they have shown forth interest.

Beacon is the technology we are talking about. Using the live beacon transmitters, you can remind them of these campaigns right when they’re passing by your store. You could send them ad images and text notifications directly to their phone.

Beacon applications analyses trend in digital advertising, marketers target specific customers to sell out products. For example from the data gathered by conducting media research, a marketer studies – which of the television ads are seen most, by which age group of people and from which corner of the world. From the data collected, they consider targeting specific customers with ads and messages that are most relevant to them.

How Beacon Works

Digital marketing system studies the need, influences and buying habits of all its targeted customers. An interior designer would be more interested in creative stuff and in home-office decor items. Whereas a software engineer would be keen in knowing the latest gadgets in the market and the latest software applications that would automate their tasks.

Having understood the needs and liking of their customers, Beacon transmits relevant pop-up ads to the targeted customer every time they visit a Beacon zone in a  departmental store or a shopping mall. Given below is the beacon flow that helps the customer to send ads and sell products.

  1. Beacon in shops and malls transmit signals that are sensed by smartphones and tablets
  2. These signals are sensed by the targeted smartphones that confirm it with the remote cloud server for its authenticity
  3. Once channel of communication is established, customer could view price for selected items and could even make an online payment to purchase them

The Final Word

Beacon application has widened the scope of communication with the consumers – on – move. Some of the world’s leading airlines are banking on Beacon technology for customer communication and convenience. It helps commuters find the gate,  alert about flight boarding time and allow them to track luggage. Beacon also helps the Airport administration to provide insights on travelers activity and engagement in various public spots.

Beacon applications are expected to bring a paradigm shift in the way brands communicate with consumers. Beacon provides a digital extension into the physical world. It will be excited to see where Beacon technology will stand in the next few years.
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