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May. 16

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The video is the next in-thing. After YouTube, there is a sudden rise of NetFlix type platforms to showcase videos. Now the next part of video revolution is shifting everything to video calling and to facilitate this need, we have WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication).

Text chat has been very popular till now and the only thing that has restricted users to move on to video chats is the quality of the network. Most of the developing countries have already moved on to 4G which has average data speed of 10 Mbps. So, there will be soon a great demand for more video based content webRTC video chat with a better data speed.

Genesis of WebRTC

WebRTC is simply an open source project helmed by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) which is standardizing its Application Programming Interface (API). WebRTC also provides voice calling, webRTC video chat and P2P file sharing between browsers and mobile applications without the need of internal or external plugins.

Standards and Protocols

It is a perfect set of free API’s that helps the developer to create a product that can enable communication between different devices irrespective of browser or operating system being used. WebRTC Video Chat uses multiple standards and protocols, which include data streams, signaling, STUN/TURN servers, JSEP, SIP, ICE, SDP, UDP/TCP, NAT, network sockets, etc.

Apart from the above protocols, WebRTC uses HTML5. The objective of HTML5 is to support the latest multimedia and enhance the readability of content with its understanding of the devices ensuring better AI-based applications.

How does it work?

WebRTC has three major components on which it is designed to work.

  • getUserMedia: This allows browser or the native app gain access to the device’s camera and microphone to capture the video.
  • RTCPeerConnection: This allows audio-video calls set up in the device.
  • RTCDataChannel: This allows the browser or the native app to get peer-to-peer communication established between the devices.

WebRTC video chat is designed to do multiple tasks but setting up this real-time peer-to-peer audio video call is the prime advantage.

So, each device gets its public IP. So, to detect other devices trying to make a connection, signalling data channels are created. Signalling data channels also support the device to device communication and hence a session is established.

Hands-on Technology

There are “n” number of practical applications where WebRTC is not just a base of communication. Likewise, WebRTC is used for many advanced purposes in many practical applications. LetsNurture has recently used WebRTC for one of its clients that support on-line health care portal. It also helps doctors and patients to schedule a video call via in-app WebRTC video chat  and provide the needed treatment.

WebRTC video chat has created great opportunities for business to connect with customers more closely. In addition, this opportunity gives a personalized touch to the conversation. It may be possible that soon all the Customer Service solutions are provided through such technology. Who knows, what’s in the future for us.

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