Greet New Visitors With WordPress Plugin- What Would Seth Godin Do?


Apr. 13

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As with any retail establishment, shop or any sort of corporate environment you are always looking to attract new clients and want to set an impression upon them. The case is no different from a website. When you build a separate experience for new users and return users you stand to gain a lot. Today we are going to see a WordPress plugin that will allow you to do precisely that a.k.a. What Would Seth Godin Do (Crazy Name for a WordPress Plugin; I know, but I don’t make them).

Rolling Out The Welcome Mat For New Visitors

This WordPress Plugin-What Would Seth Godin Do- creates a welcome box for new users visiting the site which disappears after the 5 visit by default. You can however configure it to show a message as many times as you want. You can use the box to encourage sign up with the newsletter, or RSS feed, or just a personal greeting.

Cool! I Want One…

The plugin is based on inbound marketing Guru, Seth Godin’s advocacy of using Cookies to distinguish between new and return customers. Developer Richard K Miller chose to implement this with the plugin. The installation of the plugin is straightforward:

  • Download the WWSGD WordPress plugin and unzip it.
  • Copy the what-would-seth_godin-do folder to your WordPress plugins folder.
  • Activate the plugin in the Plugins panel.
  • Customize settings in the Settings panel.

After initiating What Would Seth Godin Do, you can set up configurations in the Settings -> WWSGD selection. You can change the message, its life, and its placement. You can also show a message for return visitors.

Visitors Simply Love It..

New visitor(aka potential clients) will appreciate some perspective and background info about your website. This is your opportunity to provide them a unique welcome and encourage them to become long lasting subscribers!

Write us what you think about this plugin at [email protected] .

We will appreciate your reply.


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